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  1. Day 13 – Inside edges

    October 16, 2011 by Felix

    Yup, cheap bathroom tile! Spent $13.58 on black ceramic tile for the inside of the bar as opposed to the $105 it would’ve cost to use the same trim as on the outside. Stuck those suckers on with mastic and because they were nice and light, I didn’t have to use clamps or anything.

    Once this dries, I’m ready to grout the top!

    Running total: $759

  2. Day 12 – Done with outside edges

    October 11, 2011 by Felix

    When you’ve got the right tools, it makes things so much easier! The 3-way clamps really made things easier by holding on to those edges which were quite heavy!

    Thanks to this photo I found, I was cut the edges for the angled corners precisely at 22.5° so they’d meet perfectly at the 135° corners.

  3. Day 11 – Got the EDGES Finally!

    October 10, 2011 by Felix

    Finally got the 14 one-foot black granite edges I needed! My challenge was how they were going to stay put as the mastic got hard enough to hold them in place. I had an idea of what I needed but wasn’t sure if it existed and sure enough…. the 3-way clamp! At $8 each, I did NOT want to buy 14 of them to get it all done at once so I just bought 3 and will just have to do 3 at a time. If I get up 1/2 hour earlier each day, I could then do 6 a day if it hardens enough in 12 hours.

    Then, I grouted the walls with just plain white, non-sanded grout. Nothing to this really. Mix, spread, wait, wipe, wait, wipe, wipe, wipe.

    Running total: $745