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  1. Day 16 – Stools by… Craigslist!

    November 14, 2011 by Felix


    I learned this fact once I was ready to start looking for 6 new stools. They definitely had to have backs and the swiveling type would be nice but not necessary.

    After checking all over the Internet, from Target to Carl’s, Ikea to Lowe’s, I was pretty discouraged at the thought of spending more for 6 stools than the total for all the materials of the entire bar!

    Then fate struck… I found FOUR beautiful, wrought iron and wood bar stools for only $50 total on Craigslist!! This was a case of sounding too good to be true and actually being true!

    If that wasn’t awesome enough, a few days later, I found two more of the exact style, also on Craigslist, for $60 for both!

    $110 divided by 6 = $18.33 per stool!

    Grand total – Phase I: $915

    Enjoying the fruits of my labor… Cheers!