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  1. Day 9 – The Wall

    October 1, 2011 by Felix

    Today I finished the tiling on the long side plus the edge at the end. Had to get another bucket of mastic for this and now have plenty left over.

    When I went to Home Depot today, I found the edges I’m going to use which was cool but darn expensive! $6.95 isn’t much… until you need 14 of them! Still, all in all, there’s no less expensive way to have a bar built.

    Watch a video of theĀ Goodyear blimp checking up on my progress!


    Running total: $570

  2. Day 8 – Stuck tiles to the short side. No biggie

    September 28, 2011 by Felix

    This was easier than I thought. Spread, stick, repeat. Just had to cut the ones closest to the wall. Piece of cake!

    Running total: $535